OGS 2023-24: Apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship

OGS 2023-24: Apply for the Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Detail of Scholarship:

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship offered for International Students. The University of Toronto provided this opportunity for International Students to study in the Canada. This scholarship provides an opportunity to complete a Masters degree-level program(s) in the field(s) of All Subjects at University of Toronto. Students are strongly advised to apply for this scholarship position before the last date i.e. 06/01/2023. The Ontario Graduate Scholarship provide Partial Funding as a scholarship benefit to the successful candidates.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship is for those students who are willing to complete their Masters degree(s) in the field(s) of All Subjects, in the Canada on scholarship.

Short Detail of Ontario Graduate Scholarship:

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schoolInstitute Name: University of Toronto
mapCountry to Study in: Canada
bookCourses Offered: All Subjects
readingDegree Level: Masters
studentStudents Nationality: International Students
fundingScholarship Award: Partial Funding
calendarLast Date/Dead Line: 06/01/2023

The 2023-24 Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) is available for international students pursuing a Master’s degree in any subject offered at the University of Toronto. The application deadline is June 1st, 2023.

The OGS is a merit-based scholarship provided by the Government of Ontario and administered by the Council of Ontario Universities. The scholarship rewards students with exceptional academic performance in their undergraduate and graduate studies. To be eligible, applicants must be either Canadian citizens or permanent residents and enrolled in a graduate program at an eligible university in Ontario. The scholarship provides a stipend of $5,000 per term for two terms.

The University of Toronto is a highly prestigious institution with a diverse student body and world-class faculty. It offers a wide range of support and resources to international students, including access to a multicultural community, numerous academic programs, and opportunities for research and extracurricular activities. The university has a strong reputation in areas such as computer science, business, and medicine, and is consistently ranked among the top universities in the world.

Toronto, the city where the university is located, is diverse, and multicultural, and offers a high quality of life. It has a rich culture, diverse food options, and a plethora of entertainment options for international students to enjoy.

In conclusion, the University of Toronto is an excellent option for international students seeking a top-notch education in a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Scholarship Benefits:

The OGS scholarship is worth $5,000 per session. Recipients can receive $10,000 for two consecutive sessions or $15,000 for three straight sessions. The awarding graduate unit will contribute one-third of the total scholarship amount.

The scholarship lasts for one year, consisting of either two or three consecutive academic sessions. The specific value and duration of each OGS award will be determined by the awarding graduate unit and outlined in the award letter.

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship:

Applicants must:

    • Be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Resident, or Protected Person under subsection 95(2) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) by the student deadline as determined by each graduate unit;  International students who are studying or plan to study at the University of Toronto under a temporary resident visa (student study permit) are eligible for a set number of OGS awards (valid study permits must be effective as of the graduate units’ OGS international application deadline);
      • COVID-19 exception: Currently registered international graduate students who have not yet been able to obtain a study permit due to COVID-19 circumstances are eligible to apply. However, these applicants must have a valid study permit in order to hold the award;
    • Be registered or intend to register in an eligible program on a full-time basis in 2023-2024;
      • An eligible program is defined as a full-time program of study of two or three terms at the University of Toronto leading to a graduate degree. A full-time student is one who is in at least 60% of a full course load (40% for students with a permanent disability) or as defined by their institution. Program eligibility is determined individually by each graduate unit. Students should carefully review the information outlined by the graduate unit they intend to be registered in, to determine if their program is eligible for the graduate unit’s OGS competition.
    • Have not exceeded the lifetime maximum of government-funded support or maximum OGS/QEII support available ​for their current level of study (see Maximum Support below); and
    • ​Have achieved at least A- (or equivalent) in each of the last two completed years of study (full-time equivalent); or if the student has completed two years or more of graduate studies at the time of application, the student must only demonstrate an overall average of at least A- (or equivalent) on all graduate courses completed.

Note: If marks used for calculating an applicant’s grade point average (GPA) are not available (e.g., courses were graded on a pass-fail basis), then the next most recent available undergraduate or graduate marks should be used to determine eligibility.

Eligibility to Hold an OGS Award

To hold an OGS award, recipients:

  • Must register and remain enrolled as a full-time student at U of T in an eligible program at the graduate unit from which the OGS was awarded;
  • Those who withdraw, transfer to part-time status, complete degree requirements prior to the end of their award, or fail to complete the full session will be required to repay the funds received for the incomplete session;
  • ​​Must be in good standing with the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Applicants who have defaulted on a Canada or Ontario Student Loan, or have failed to make satisfactory repayment on a loan overpayment, are ineligible to receive the award. Those with an OSAP restriction may still apply for the OGS. However, if awarded, they must have the restriction cleared within 30 days of notification in order to accept and hold the award;
  • ​ ​May accept research assistantships, part-time teaching positions, or other paid employment that does not affect their status as full-time graduate students and is commensurate with the graduate unit policies. Typically, students holding full-time paid employment are not eligible to receive an OGS from the University of Toronto; and
  • Cannot hold an OGS award in the same session (overlapping) or in the same award year as a scholarship from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, QEII-GSST, or another OGS.

The eligibility criteria provided here are the minimum requirements only. Graduate units may impose additional criteria to apply, receive, or hold an OGS. Please inquire with your graduate unit regarding any additional requirements or conditions to those listed here.

How to Apply for Scholarship:

To apply for the OGS scholarship, candidates must submit their application through the U of T School of Graduate Studies online portal. Each graduate unit has its own deadline for submissions, so applicants should review the OGS Application Instructions and pay attention to their respective unit’s deadline.

Once the application is complete and submitted online, it will be available for review by the proposed graduate unit.

It’s important to note that OGS awards are not transferable between universities or within different graduate units at U of T. As a result, students must submit a separate application to each graduate unit they are seeking admission to, and to each Ontario institution if applying to multiple universities. Each institution will have its own unique OGS application process.

Visa students should also be aware that they must hold a valid study permit by the graduate unit’s international OGS application deadline to be eligible to apply. The graduate unit will select a limited number of applications to be sent to the School of Graduate Studies for centralized competition.


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