International Scholarships 2023 in Tampere University Finland

International Scholarships 2023 in Tampere University Finland

Detail of Scholarship:

The International Scholarships 2023 offered for International Students. The Tampere University provided this opportunity for International Students to study in the Finland. This scholarship provides an opportunity to complete a Bachelor, Masters degree-level program(s) in the field(s) of All Subjects at Tampere University. Students are strongly advised to apply for this scholarship position before the last date i.e. 11 Jan 2023. The International Scholarships 2023 provide Partial Funding as a scholarship benefit to the successful candidates.

The International Scholarships 2023 is for those students who are willing to complete their Bachelor, Masters degree(s) in the field(s) of All Subjects, in the Finland on scholarship.

Short Detail of International Scholarships 2023 :

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schoolInstitute Name: Tampere University
mapCountry to Study in: Finland
bookCourses Offered: All Subjects
readingDegree Level: Bachelor, Masters
studentStudents Nationality: International Students
fundingScholarship Award: Partial Funding
calendarLast Date/Dead Line: 11 Jan 2023

Scholarships at Tampere University are available to international students in 2023. The scholarship permits students to enrol in Bachelor’s and Master’s level programmes in any of the subjects Tampere University offers. The scholarship application date is January 11, 2023.

The Tampere University Scholarships Program is designed for students enrolled in English-taught bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes who must pay tuition. For candidates for master’s programmes, the Finland Scholarship is available. Tampere University looks to recognise motivated, outstanding achievers.

One of Finland’s institutions with the broadest disciplinary offerings is Tampere University. This university has representation in almost all subjects of study that are recognised internationally. They combine technological, medical, and social research with education. Our advantages—distinctive mixes of scientific specialities and practical expertise—are the foundation of Tampere University’s partnership with its partners. There are around 4,000 staff members and nearly 21,000 students living there. The University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology merged to form the new institution in 2019. We have seven faculties in our university.

Scholarships for the cost of attending Tampere University
Scholarships for tuition at Tampere University provided at entrance pay all costs associated with the programme in full. The programme lasts for

Bachelor’s degree, three years
For Master’s degrees, two years
If both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree study right are granted, the time frame is five years.

Finland Fellowship
Tampere University offers Finland scholarships that are a part of the federal Finland Scholarship programme. Those interested in master’s programmes may apply. At Tampere University, Finland scholarships are given to the most deserving candidates for each Master’s degree.

Finland scholarships include a relocation award of 5000 euros, which is disbursed to the student’s Finnish bank account after they have arrived in Tampere and begun their studies at Tampere University. Finland scholarships also pay the programme tuition for the first year of studies.

All beneficiaries of the Finland scholarship are also given a Tampere University tuition price scholarship for their second year of study. The full cost of tuition for the second year of study is covered by the scholarship.

Requirements Criteria for Scholarship:

Studying at the average pace is a requirement for keeping the Tampere University tuition price scholarship throughout the program’s term. The grantee must complete at least 55 credits during the academic year as outlined in the personal study plan in order to keep the full tuition fee scholarship for the following academic year. A scholarship recipient’s award will be decreased to 50% the following academic year if he or she earns 50–54 credits during the academic year. A scholarship recipient will be charged the full tuition for the following academic year if they take fewer than 50 credits during the academic year. The second-year Tampere University tuition price scholarship is likewise subject to these requirements.

How to Apply for Scholarship:

To be considered for the Tampere University tuition fee scholarship or the Finland scholarship, you must apply for the scholarship as part of your application for admission during the application period for admission. For applicants to Master’s programmes, the application period starts on 7 December 2022 at 8.00 (UTC+2) and ends on 11 January 2023 at 15.00 (UTC +2). For applicants to Bachelor’s programmes, the application period begins on 4 January 2023 at 8.00 (UTC+2) and ends on 18 January 2023 at 15.00 (UTC+2).

You will apply for Tampere University Scholarships and Finland scholarships with the same online application you use to apply for admission at Studyinfo. fi. To apply for the scholarships, you will be asked to indicate which scholarships you wish to apply for (if applicable), describe in writing in a scholarship application letter on the application form the academic qualifications which support your merit-based scholarship application and your motivation for applying for a Tampere University scholarship (max. number of characters 3500). No additional attachments are required for the scholarship application.

All application information you submit in your application for admission at Studyinfo. fi, including your educational documents, is available for the admissions committee to evaluate your scholarship application. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the academic overall assessment in which all application information and educational documents as well as the scholarship application letter are taken into consideration and can be decisive. The scholarship applications are processed by admissions committees in the Faculties and a University scholarship council. The decision on the scholarship will be communicated to you together with information on admission.

When applying for a scholarship to bachelor’s programmes, you will be asked to place the Tampere University study options you are applying for admission to in your order of preference in your scholarship application. It is only possible to receive one scholarship offer, specific to one bachelor’s study option at Tampere University. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of application information and the scholarship application letter to the most successful and motivated applicants in each study option. In your scholarship application letter, you will be asked to describe your interest and motivation in studies in the study options you apply for admission. In case you are admitted and qualify for a scholarship in several Tampere University bachelor’s study options, you will only receive a scholarship offer in the study option which is highest in your order of preference among the study options in which you qualify for a scholarship. Please note that admission to studies is a separate process and you may still be admitted to more than one study option, and the early bird offer is available in the study options in which you do not receive a scholarship offer.

The early bird offer is available to all fee-paying students without a separate application.


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